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KETO//OS® (Ketone Operating System) is a revolutionary drink mix based on a proprietary ketone energy technology. It delivers advanced macro nutritionals and promotes optimized cellular regeneration, energy and longevity. The #1 exogenous ketone product on the market to provide elevated blood ketone levels to the body.

Pruvit China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore

How & Why Does Keto OS MAX Work?

See how ketones can get you the benefits of Fat Loss, Energy, Appetite Suppression, Muscle Preservation and more.

Pruvit Hong Kong | Keto OS Products Explained

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There are many benefits of drinking Keto OS MAX. Here are a few of the top benefits:

  • Fat-Loss: KETO//OS targets and burns body fat with every serving by positioning your body to follow a proven, accepted, and universal fat-loss formula.
  • Appetite Suppression: Ketones naturally suppress your appetite allowing you to make better choices and eat less frequently.
  • Protect and preserve muscle: Ketones are extremely anti-catabolic (they are protein/muscle sparing) and will preserve and protect your lean tissue during periods of caloric restriction.  The more muscle you preserve, the more fat you burn.
  • Fast & Sustained Energy: Ketones offer insulin free energy that maximizes your mindset and mental focus while motivating you to move more, do more, and be more.
  • Improved Clarity & Focus: KETO//OS provides a cleaner, quicker energy pathway than glucose while providing very important signaling molecules to the body.
  • Joint Mobility: Ketones, specifically beta hydroxybutyrate found in Prüvit’s Proprietary Technology, help maintain healthy joint mobility.

Start burning fat, getting energized & healthy with this amazing product.

Available in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Macau, Malaysia. Keto OS MAX comes in SPLASH, RASPBERRY LEMONADE, SWISS CACAO.  Direct shipping from Pruvit Hong Kong Warehouse!

Keto OS MAX - Hong Kong


KETO OS MAX product benefits - Pruvit Hong Kong & China

  • Most advanced formula of beta hydroxybutarate (BHB) which resembles your own body’s BHB, on a chemistry level.

  • Higher boost of ketones, will show higher level on ketone tests. Faster uptake.

  • Good for those who need higher levels of energy or have huge health goals.

  • Included BCAA’s to help muscle recovery and building lean muscle.

  • Comes in a Variety of Flavors:  Splash, Raspberry Lemonade, Swiss Cacao
  • Vegan, Dairy and Gluten Free

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Keto KREME - Pruvit Hong Kong & China


Keto KREME Benefits

KETO//KREME FFT, derived from the heart of the coconut, is one of the healthiest natural fats known to the world. Our bodies convert fat into energy quickly giving you a powerful mental boost–we call it brain fuel. Adding KETO//KREME to your daily routine is a simple way to promote a keto lifestyle, helps appetite suppression, and increased ketones into your system.

  • Instant MCT Brain Boost: Whether first thing in the morning or during that afternoon slump, get increased focus with this MCT and coconut fat one-two punch.
  • Stimulates Collagen Synthesis: Drinking collagen is one thing, but this special formula triggers your own body’s creation of collagen.

  • Improved Cellular Function: Renew your body at the cellular level with macro minerals you may be lacking. Cells are the building blocks of our bodies. Treat them well.
  • Advanced DNA Repair: Keep your body in optimum condition as AC-11® assist the body to repair damaged DNA cellular structures.
  • Digestive and Gut Health: You’ll know it in your gut as you restore and balance digestive health naturally with antimicrobial nutrients and caprylic fatty acids.
  • Strengthens Hair and Nails: Whether you want to ditch the acrylics or just want to up your combover game, you can stimulate faster and stronger growth of hair and nails with each cup.

  • Helps maintain healthy joint mobility: The KETO//KREME® [FFT] N8 Bioavailability Blend helps maintain healthy joint mobility and discomfort for increased mobility. Müv more. Do more. Be more.

  • Digestive and Gut Health: You’ll know it in your gut as you restore and balance digestive health naturally with antimicrobial nutrients and caprylic fatty acids.

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How to Drink Keto OS MAX.

Dissolve 1 packet in 12-16oz. of cold water and shake/stir vigorously. Can be taken with or without food.

Novel use = 1 daily serving | Optimal performance = 2 servings AM/PM
STORAGE:No refrigeration required. Keep at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

Colors • Flavors • Sweeteners

Pruvit’s Keto OS MAX and more in Asia!

all keto os products pruvit hong kong china

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TIP ON HOW TO SAVE 22%: Select TODAY + Smartship (autoship) when ordering, and save 22% on your next order automatically. You can change products monthly, and cancel anytime.

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