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Tried to buy Keto OS from Pruvit Asiam and got the warning that you need a “referral code”.

No Problem! I can give you one. My name is Raj KETO COACH Patel, and I am a Independent Promoter for Pruvit. Now you can purchase Keto OS or any Pruvit product with no issues. Pruvit Hong Kong is now direct shipping to Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Macau and Singapore! 


Here is a Referral Code Link:

Click for Referral Code
*This will direct to you the Pruvit Asia site, with a referral code from the KETO COACH. So you can place an order normally.

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I can answer questions you may have about Keto OS MAX, Keto Kreme or becoming a Pruvit Distributor in Asia.

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